Corey Taylor Ungkapkan Lagu Slipknot Favoritnya
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Corey Taylor Ungkapkan Lagu Slipknot Favoritnya

Memperingati album self-titled Slipknot yang ulang tahun ke-21 minggu ini, vokalis Slipknot Corey Taylor (#8) mengenang kembali masa-masa awal Slipknot dan mengungkapkan lagu favorit Slipknot yang dirilis pada 1999 lalu.

Corey menjelaskan bahwa lagu favoritnya “sejauh ini” adalah lagu eksperimental Scissors dan menurutnya tetap menjadi yang terbaik hingga detik ini.

“I love it because every time we would play it, the whole second half was improvised,” jelasnya. “We played at each other, free form, free prose, everything. It was violent and gorgeous. Nothing will ever replace it for me – when we stopped playing it live, I had a hard time enjoying our sets for a very long time.”

Dari segi lirik, Corey menunjukkan trek ketiga, Eyeless. Ia mengatakan: “I’ve always loved the lyrics for Eyeless. I’d never written anything as raw and open before. It was all about the absence of my father, being a teenage addict and also being forced to enter NA and Alateen when I was still fucked up. In treatment, they kept telling me, ‘It’s all in your head.’ That line resonates with me to this day.”