Vater Rilis Stik Drum Signature Jay Weinberg
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Vater Rilis Stik Drum Signature Jay Weinberg

Jay Weinberg Vater

Vater drumsticks telah merilis drumstick signature Jay Weinberg: Vater 908.

Dalam video promosinya Jay menjelaskan: “Vater Drumsticks and I have developed a brand new stick that feels like a sharpened hybrid of the classic models I’ve been using since I was 14. The 908 feels familiar in the ways that drummers who play intense and heavy music need β€” but has extra consideration for the quickness and response we want from our drums and cymbals.

“The 908 is between a 5A and 5B for a comfortable grip. It adds ΒΌ” length for added reach, and has a quick taper for a slight forward throw β€” but with a fast response. Its medium-sized barrel tip delivers a defined ride cymbal tone, without lacking volume, while putting out full drum tones.

“As drummers, I feel it’s our responsibility to provide structure for the music we’re creating. So, I often visualize drumming as hammering nails; building that framework for all other instruments to fit comfortably within. I designed the 908 with this in mind β€” that in it you’ll find a trustworthy, reliable, and versatile tool to help create your own music.

“This stick is a true extension of myself. My birthday is 9/08, the area code in which I grew up and started playing drums is (908)… and I’m honored to share this stick with you on my 30th birthday!

“I hope this stick is as satisfying for you to play with, as it was to create."

Berikut spesifikasi stik drum Jay Weinberg:

Stick Series: 908

Diameter: .585”

Length: 16.25”

Material: Hickory

Taper: Quick Taper

Tip: Barrel Tip